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Vented and Fixed Skylights: Double Flashing System

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Drawings and Specifications

Starlight Skylights utilize a unique "Double Flashing System". No other skylight has it.

First, a two piece integral perimeter flashing is installed at the factory. This integral flashing allows the Starlight Skylight to be removed from the box and immediately installed in the rough opening. No pieces and parts to worry about, no disassembly, and no lengthy instruction manual.
Second, as the shingles are being applied, step flashing, which is supplied in the same box as the Starlight Skylight, is installed. A step flashing retainer is built into all Starlight Skylights. No small nails, glue or mastics are required as in some systems.
Advantages: The perimeter flashing makes the unit easy to install and eliminates air filtration. The step flashing makes the installation leak proof.