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Contact Us

Contact us for more information on Starlight Skylights, a product of Orca Manufacturing, Inc.

P.O. Box 2186
Easton, MD 21601
Tel: 800-776-1539
Fax: 410-943-8245


Key Contacts Title Office #: Cell #: Email:
Ray Hollowell President 1-800-776-1539   ray@starlightskylights.com
Keith Walsh National Sales Manager  1-800-776-1539 410-660-6929 keith@starlightskylights.com
Abraham  Architectural Specialist 1-800-776-1539   abe@starlightskylights.com
Vickie  Customer Service 1-800-776-1539   vickie@starlightskylights.com
Donna  Customer Service 1-800-776-1539   donna@starlightskylights.com
Melissa  Customer Service 1-800-776-1539   melissa@starlightskylights.com
Sales Reps Territories Office #: Cell #: Email:
Richie Safren MD/VA/OBX 540-829-9953 703-967-0045 safrensales@starlightskylights.com
Niki Monello MD/VA/OBX   717-825-4431 safrensales@starlightskylights.com
Ed Taylor MD/VA/OBX   301-748-2409 safrensales@starlightskylights.com
Brad Lewis E.MD/NJ/E. PA 215-362-5805 215-431-4522 brad@starlightskylights.com
Sue Lewis E.MD/NJ/E. PA   215-538-9539 susan@starlightskylights.com
Mark Lewis E.MD/NJ/E. PA     mark@starlightskylights.com
Bill Walsh NC/SC 336-559-6951 336-292-6300 bill@starlightskylights.com
David Covell NYC - Metro, LI 631-454-7663 516-459-9722 gsa@starlightskylights.com
Michael Zacharia NYC - Metro, LI 631-454-7664   gsa@starlightskylights.com
Tara Bjorenson NYC - Metro, LI 631-454-7665   gsa@starlightskylights.com
Holly Weaver TN   856-228-1746 holly@starlightskylights.com
Brian Gleason Upstate NY 518-663-5272 518-441-5814 brian@starlightskylights.com
Bob Bage Upstate NY     bob@starlightskylights.com