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Why Starlight Skylights?

Starlight Skylights understands that architects and builders need a plethora of choices for unique design applications and our broad line of residential, commercial, and architectural units provides our customers with an unlimited array of spectacular solutions for everyday lighting applications. Starlight Skylights are designed from the ground up to be easy to install, leak proof, and to provide superior performance versus our competition. Starlight Skylights are designed to accept a variety of glazing materials including insulated glass, acrylic panels, multiwall polycarbonate panels and many more. In addition, we provide project design and development support, CAD services, and, during installation, onsite inspection and contractor guidance. From large commercial projects to small DIY, we have a system and the installation accessories that best suit your needs. During our design process, we take into account glazing sheet manufacturers’ guidelines and apply them to your project. In some instances we can arrange for architectural review and PE stamped drawings as well. For design and building professionals we provide:

Turn-key shop fabrication and drawing – Fabrication is based on professional designer or on customer concept drawings and ideas.
Specification assistance, fabrication, and manufacturing services – providing our customers with “One Stop Shopping.”
CAD Services – CAD drawings can be prepared per project.
Engineer Assistance – our engineers on staff can help in all aspects of design from conception to completion.
Consulting, Installation, and Plan Review – Starlight Skylight technicians are available for onsite guidance and assistance.
Installer Training – 26 years experience of techniques, testing do’s and don’ts


Starlight Skylights strives in helping your customers reach their “green goals.” Homeowners and building owners can dramatically reduce their energy costs by installing a Starlight Skylights unit. Furthermore, recently released studies have indicated that natural lighting provided by skylights can have a positive effect on personal attitude, children’s learning rates, sales performance, customer spending habits, office production, and health benefits making skylights a perfect solution for all residential and commercial applications. Finally, Starlight Skylights can help builders and architects qualify for multiple LEED points, receive more jobs because of our HUB qualification, and we provide continuous education points through our AIA presentation.

At Starlight Skylights we believe “if we cannot do it…it cannot be done.”