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Why Starlight Skylights?

Starlight Skylights recognizes that distributors need to be a one-stop shop for all of their customers. Unlike our competition Starlight Skylights’ broad line of residential, commercial, and architectural units provides distributors with a virtually unlimited array of spectacular solutions for everyday lighting applications to offer to residential and commercial remodelers. Starlight Skylights are designed from the ground up to be easy to install, leak proof, and to provide superior performance thus giving our distributors peace-of-mind when they have sold a Starlight Skylights unit there will be no call backs. Our standard units offer everything needed to install our skylights packaged in one box helping our distributors ease in shipping, ordering, and warehousing. Recently released studies have indicated that natural lighting provided by skylights can have a positive effect on personal attitude, children’s learning rates, sales performance, customer spending habits, office production, and health benefits making skylights a perfect solution for all residential and commercial applications. In addition Starlight Skylights offers the following advantages:

Quick and Easy Installation – Starlight Skylights are literally installed in a fraction of the time it takes to install competitor’s skylights. Whenever possible, Starlight Skylights custom units are fully assembled at the factory. Little or No assembly on the roof means that distributors will save their customers time and money.
Leak Proof – Unique “Double Flashing” system combined with TIG welded construction absolutely guarantees no air filtration or water leaks providing you with peace-of-mind that when you sell a Starlight Skylight unit there will be no call backs.
Clean and Smooth Appearance – The welded construction of Starlight Skylights provides a superior clean smooth appearance compared with the screwed and riveted construction of competitors providing your customers with more curb appeal and an increased thermal performance.
Reduce Energy Costs – Starlight Skylights are insulated with Super-Spacer which dramatically improves the glazing edge performance, reducing condensation and energy costs¸ and feature a variety of energy efficient, tempered glazing including Low-E, Grey, Bronze, and Solex in addition to clear glass, saving on utility bills.
Custom Sizes and Shapes – Starlight Skylights are available in standard sizes or in custom sizes, shapes, and colors by special order giving you a plethora of options to please any type of customer.
Flat Roof Models – are available from Starlight Skylights in our unique fully assembled design limiting your contractors need to build a pitch into the roof once again saving them time and money.
Quality Service – our knowledgeable trained staff is always willing and ready to assist you.


In an attempt to make sure you have a Starlight Skylight advantage Starlight Skylights offers their stocking distributors the opportunity to allow their key contractors the chance to become Starlight Skylight Certified Installers. The Certified Installer program offers our installers with many advantages the biggest being an extended warranty. Furthermore, Starlight Skylights strives in helping your customers reach their “green goals.” Homeowners and building owners can dramatically reduce their energy costs by installing a Starlight Skylights unit. Finally, Starlight Skylights can help builders and architects qualify for multiple LEED points, receive more jobs because of our HUB qualification, and we provide continuous education points through our AIA presentation.

At Starlight Skylights we believe “if we cannot do it…it cannot be done.”