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For convenience and beauty, Starlight Skylights offers many additional accessory options for your home or business. Our accessories include:

Shades: to help keep out the sun during unwanted times.
Poles: to open venting units in hard to reach places.
Motors/Remote Control: for additional convenience in opening your Starlight Skylight venting units.
Rain Sensors: if you like to keep your units open at all times but are fearful of the rain.

For security and safety, Starlight Skylights offers tamper resistant and retro-fit fall guards, as well as, steel or aluminum security grills. Our fall guards are welded onto your units helping to provide the most security possible for your locations.

If you would like to add any of these accessories to your current or upcoming Starlight Skylight order please call us at 1-800-776-1539 or contact your local Starlight Skylight Preferred Distributor.