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About Us

Starlight Skylights is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality competitively priced commercial and residential skylights, glazing systems, as well as, commercial and residential enclosures. All of our products are available in custom sizes, shapes, colors, and come with a wide variety of glazing options. Starlight Skylights is the first and only manufacturer to offer a residential skylight with a unique “Double Flashing System;” a leak-proof system that is absolutely top in its class. We design all of our models, standard, custom, and architectural “in house.” It is our belief that “if we cannot do it, it cannot be done.”

At Starlight Skylights our mission is to continue to invest in our customers. We fulfill this mission by focusing on our customer service, high quality products, and providing customers with continuous educational opportunities. At Starlight Skylights we know our success goes hand-in-hand with the success of our customers and it is our goal to make our businesses grow together. For over 20 years our mission of “quality and service” has remained unchanged. From the services we provide to the wide array of products we manufacture we have been committed to helping contractors, distributors, builders, and architects grow, while offering unique beautiful natural light resources to homeowners and businesses. We fulfill our mission by:

Producing all of our units with handmade craftsmanship.
Ensuring every unit is quality inspected before being shipped.
Helping our customers save time and money by pre-assembling/partially assembling our custom and architectural units before onsite delivery.